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Our Product Range:
At Mid India, development is a perpetual process by active involvement of consumers, technicians and market-men, as we consider all of them our partners in progress.

We offer Following Products: (1) Regular Product (2) Special

  1. Regular
    • 100% Cotton Yarn (Carded and Combed)

    • Polyester/Cotton Blended (Carded and Combed)

    • 100% Polyester Yarns

  2. Special

    Multi Fold Yarn up to 8 folds for use in Carpets, Tufting and other industrial fabrics. The yarns can be supplied in 100% Cotton, Polyester/Cotton Blended yarns  and 100% Polyester Yarns in the cone size of 1.89 Kgs per cone up to Jumbo Packing of 5 Kgs per cone.

 Cotton/Blended Yarn Spindles  24968  16992
 Rotors  432  432

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